Monday, August 30, 2010

Rosilyn Rayborn: Founder & CEO of Smackages

Smackages. Curious to know what lies behind the name? Rosilyn Rayborn, founder and creator of the new online cosmetic company Smackages, takes a moment to shed some light on the subject. Register for the next Smackage online at

Q: Where did the name Smackages come from? 

A: I was an English major and I’m really into etymology—word origins—so it was really important that the name perfectly reflected what the service did, so “smack” literally means a pinch or a small bit and “age” means collection, and Smackages are collections of small bits of beauty products—samples.  


Q: The best thing about starting a business? The most challenging thing? 

A: The best part about starting my own business is definitely being able to manage my own time. The first time I got sick while owning my own business I loved not having to make that call to the office and wonder if I have enough sick days or if they think I’m shooting hooky. The most challenging part of starting my own business is being completely responsible for everything. There’s no one else to blame for anything—good or bad. I definitely had an experience once where I thought “I didn’t reach my goal because of this vendor!” But, I realized very quickly that the onus is ultimately on me at the end of the day and I have to take full responsibility for everything.

Q: Your 3 biggest inspirations? 

A: My family definitely inspires me to be positive and overall optimistic about life—they support me in everything I do, so I feel very confident in myself. My friends inspire me to work hard—I really do have the most creative, hard-working friends—they’re not slackers, so even when I feel like being a slacker (it happens!), I’m surrounded by so much greatness that I can’t. Lastly, past bosses have been extremely inspirational to me. A lot of times, the characteristics associated with starting your own business aren’t good—that whole Wall Street image. I was so blessed to work under great entrepreneurs who had great personalities. They completely dispelled the bad image I had of successful businesspeople. They showed me that I could keep my values and be successful. Once I got that, I was inspired to take action. 


Q: Brief history of Smackages and the company concept?

A: Smackages is a website that lets women discover the latest looks in beauty, learn how to apply those looks and get samples of the entire look for free without ever leaving home. We call it a makeup counter in a web browser because you get everything you get at the makeup counter, but with the convenience of shopping online. 


Q: 3 Interesting things about Ros?

A: (1) In fifth grade, I specifically said I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur because it’s too much responsibility. (2) I own over 50 lip glosses. (3) I’m a cupcake connoisseur.


  1. Rosilyn is a fresh face, with a fresh mind full of fresh ideas. I think we've just touched the surface of all that she has to offer. I plan to stay tuned for future projects and overall successful ventures.