Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whoa Baby!!

Aletha and Raymond are the cutest couple I have seen in a long time. Not long after finishing her PhD, Aletha, and husband Raymond, will welcome their first child into the world. When asked to do a maternity shoot, which would be my first, by the way, I must be honest, I was overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and fear all at the same time. I knew that such precious and priceless memories had to be handled with the utmost care. Aletha's wise words calmed me down as she reminded me that the Lord backs our every move when we are walking in His will. I went into an excited frenzy thinking of all the different places and scenes I wanted to use for the shoot. By the end of it all, we visited 4 locations over a seven hour period of time, fully equipped with several different outfits, clips, broaches, props, and even a fashion designer to help make sure things were just right. Mommy-to-be Aletha braved the cold like a trooper, stating that Tyra says "You aren't suppose to look like you're cold!" I pray the Lord's richest blessings over this beautiful family, and baby Raymond.





Families: Bottling the Memories of Today for Tomorrow

For some reason, I have always been very interested in family history. When I was a child, I would sit at my aunt's feet and listen to her discuss our rich family history. The stories were always very vivid in my mind, but I longed to see the pictures that went with the stories. In college, I would spend hours online looking up my genealogy, usually with little success. Even now, I harass my parents and grand parents for a glimmer of insight into who they were as children and young adults. This thirst to know more about my own history drives me to encourage families to bottle their memories today. There is no greater find than a image from a generation long gone that tells us a little about the people we have become. I believe we are responsible for disseminating our legacies to generations that will follow us. Family portraits are key in making sure this happens.

Enjoy some of these recent family portraits...
The Seay Family