Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrating the End of an Era: Kimari Brand (Graduation)

Kimari's senior shoot was so much fun! We traveled all over Briarwood Park, dragging equipment from one end of the park to the other. From the pond, to the gazebo, to the bridge, we got some awesome shots in God's natural studio. Though I love indoor studio photography, I am always taken aback by the display of God's glory when I shoot outdoors. We then shifted to the indoor studio and played around with different lighting set-ups, outfits, and backgrounds. I wish I would have known about all of these options for a senior shoot when I was in high school...

My Brother Ron: Mr. Personality

One of God's greatest gifts to me came in the form of a little brother. Ron, now 16, is the source of so much pride, laughter, and joy in my life. Sure we fight like cats and dogs on some days, but even those times add to the strength of our bond. Ron is always willing to lend a hand when I need a subject. Here are a couple of fun shots we took outside on a beautiful day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun at Briarwood Park

My first official "out-of-college" job was at the Oak Cliff YMCA. There I was a camp counselor to ten 9 year-old campers. Although I made a fraction of the amount of money being offered to many of my college classmates, it was, and still is, the best job I've had to date. I went on to be the camp director the following year and developed a love for children and family centered events. The Gateway/Kechimage Family Easter Egg Hunt allowed me to return to that love this Ressurection Weekend. Nkechi Chibueze of Kechimage Photography collaborated with me to put on this fun event. We hid eggs around Briarwood Park and families competed to win a gift card for a premium family portrait session. Families also took portraits with the gorgeous Briarwood Park for a background.